Data Science of Data Collection: Free Course and Course Series!

Take this free online course in the data science of data collection to further your career

Good news! I finally had the opportunity to convert my in-person week-long seminar in the data science of data collection, and make it available as a series of six online courses, the first of which I made available to everyone free-of-charge!

Audience for Course Series in Data Science of Data Collection

  • Graduate students collecting data for their theses or dissertations
  • Academic researchers and data scientists who want to improve their data measurement and research data collection skills, and their knowledge of the data science of data collection
  • Qualitative researchers who want to learn how to collect quantitative data
  • Anyone who wants to improve their data science and data collection skills

Logistics of Courses in Data Science of Data Collection

  • Course access is permanent, and you complete courses at your own pace.
  • Courses consist of several chapters, including an introduction and a conclusion
  • Activities in the courses include examining downloadable files, and following along with video demonstrations and slide presentations.
  • Quizzes, surveys, links, and downloadable resources are interspersed throughout the other activities to increase deeper learning.
  • All video and presentation slides and scripts are downloadable for easy study.
  • Each chapter ends with a quiz with discussions enabled, so learners can discuss material in the chapter.
  • Each course in the series ends with a final test to improve knowledge retention.
  • Each course provides a unique, customized course certificate.

Cost of courses

  • “Course 1: Understanding Research Forms, Surveys, and Instruments” is free-of-charge.
  • Courses 2 through 6 can be purchased individually a la carte for $100 each
  • You can save 20% by purchasing all courses in a bundle for a total of $400

Learn the “data science of data collection” through my free introductory course! If you want to learn more, continue with the whole six-course series. Great for graduate students and QA/QI professionals!

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