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Unsupervised Algorithms are like Unsupervised Kids: Be Careful, or They will Drag You Into the Headlines!

Victorian drawing of several unsupervised children starting a bonfire

Someone should have told that to this Chinese dad before his toddler jumped in their SUV and drove around looking for him until he had an accident! And precocious kid and dad are not the only unsupervised things in the news today. Another thing hit all over the morning news drive today in the US: […]

My New Blog “Deth by Data” will Give a “Behind the Music” Perspective of Data Science

Banner announcing new and improved Deth by Data blog

Thanks to my esteemed colleague Gabriel over at Slick Boston, I’m overjoyed to announce the complete renovation of my web site, as well as the launch of my new blog, “Deth by Data”. I’m an author of numerous courses on data science on LinkedIn Learning I’m a big fan of R, and I wrote a […]