Applications Basics for Data Analysts and Statisticians

Many people trained in healthcare and public health do not know much about applications.

I remember the first time I really thought about applications basics. I’d been using applications throughout the 1980s and 1990s, so you’d think I’d know the basics! But it was 2004, and one of my favorite bosses of all time – who is an electrical engineer by training – started talking to me about a database “application” we were going to build.

In my experience with applications basics, I had not really thought of a database as an “application”. Actually, it’s technically not – the “data” are not the application. The “database management system” – or DBMS – is the application. So if you download a *.txt or a *.csv, and you want to look at it, you need to use an application. You can use Microsoft Excel, but you can also use SAS or R. But you have to use some application as a DBMS or you can’t look at the data.

Application Basics are Necessary for Analyzing Data from Applications

So here’s the pain point. The reason why I had already had a career building databases, and it only hit me about 10 years into it that I was using an application all this time, was because I am formally trained in public health. Like others trained in public health and healthcare, I was not formally trained in the basics of application development!

Thankfully, I learned a lot on-the-job working with that excellent boss. I also took actual database and informatics courses in graduate school so I could increase my knowledge.

I Learned Application Basics so You Don’t Have To!

If you take my online course in “Application Basics”, you’ll get a crash course in everything I didn’t know and ended up learning from taking courses and getting experience. This course is one of the foundational courses in my “Public Health to Data Science Rebrand” online group mentoring program.

Watch my short video below to find out what is in the Applications Basics course, and see it you think it’s a good fit for you.

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Here’s what you will learn in the course:

Public Health Teams are not Application Development Teams

In public health, we have teams that are not application development teams as described in the course. In public health and healthcare, our teams are extremely hierarchical – so data science teams don’t really fit into the public health team paradigm.

This is why I think so many biostatisticians and other healthcare analytics people are left in the dark, and are confined to the penalty box as “subject matter experts”, or SME’s, so they can’t participate in application development. They don’t know the application basics, so they end up on the public health side of the team rather than the data science side.

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Applications basics are now essential knowledge if you want to do data science in healthcare. Get a crash course in applications basics!

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    • Monika Wahi says:

      Don’t feel scared, Mike. Most people in this field – “data science” – feel imposter syndrome. It is a HUGE field and no one knows all of it. Come to my workshop! You will not feel lost. You will feel smarter when you are done, I promise!

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