Announcing my New(-ish) Data Curation Course on LinkedIn Learning!

Data curation is an important skill to learn if you want to manage a data science team.

Online educators like me saw a boom in people taking their online courses with COVID-19, so I decided to belatedly announce my Data Curation Course. That’s because I’m seeing a lot of people taking data science courses, and my opinion is that you will literally go crazy if you try to work with big data without knowing how to keep track of it, which is what I teach in the Data Curation Course.

The Data Curation Course provides the tools to help you set up relatively simple files (Word documents, tables, diagrams, etc.) that serve as guides to navigate you and your team through data science projects. So it’s like the management side of data science – not the programming side. You need both to get through a project with your team and not kill each other, but the courses I’ve seen tend to focus on the programming. This course complements that knowledge, and helps you actuate your programming prowess, and become more organized about it.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the course:

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Curation files are especially helpful for communicating about data on teams. Learn more about what you’ll learn when you take my online LinkedIn Learning data curation course!

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