Testimonials for Monika Wahi’s Linked In Data Science Courses

If you have questions about your journey toward a data science career, sometimes you can get them answered with online resources, but sometimes you do not get the information.

Monika Wahi has published 8 data science courses on LinkedIn Learning. This page provides testimonials from learners for each of them. Check them out, and see if you want to take the course yourself!


Data Curation Foundations

Learn to make data dictionaries, flow charts, and diagrams to understand your data
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This was a really excellent course! I really enjoyed this one…After taking your course I realized I’ve always loved and performed data curation, but never really knew what to call it. Your course helped me figure out how to organize my data into an outline structure more cohesively than I have done in the past. I immediately feel the positive effects of your instruction.

 …it’s quite informative and interesting.

Thank you, Monika! I really enjoyed this course—you’re a wonderful teacher and I enjoyed your sense of humor!

Wow, Monika, thanks so much! It indeed very helpful in healthcare. I studied twice and ready to learn more after I completed Nursing Informatics!

What a course! Great information…[the] course was amazing. Very detailed, thanks for all the examples. I enjoy and continue to skillup in data management, data analytics, SQL, R etc. When I am on projects I am realizing that many don’t have a handle on their data. Understanding how to engage with teams to collect data is a skill in itself.

You display passion in your presentations and make them easy to understand. Data curation is needed in this portion of my MSN Nursing Informatics program and I’m glad to have your courses as reference tools. As a 26yr VET with Ft. Sam Houston/AMEDD background, I want to thank you for finding/fixing system issues that crossed your path. It is a large organization with “many moving parts”.

Designing Big Data Healthcare Studies: Part 1 and Part 2

Learn how to design big data healthcare studies on LinkedIn Learning
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Thanks for such an informative course.

You are so explicit in your presentations. A lot was learned, more especially the similarities between a cross sectional study and a case control study.

I find your lectures very well thought and easy to understand. I enjoyed as much as I learn from it. You are awesome 😊

Thank you for the great course.

Thanks for your help … [for] people like me in clinical research get to know it better in the most easiest way possible.


Data Science of Experimental Design

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Thanks Monika! Your course is very insightful!! 👍🏻

…now I know better how to design experimental testing in a way that allows data to be meaningful, powerful, and useful to do or not to do a change. Grateful to learn from your insights! 👏👌

[The] course was refreshing and gave me new perspectives, ideas and concepts that I can readily implement across diverse domains.

Thanks for the super informative course! Using my learnings to fuel smart and effective web design A/B testing! I have a huge insight into the “why and “when” we should experiment, and how incremental change and statistical confidence can work together to yield real measurable

Congratulations on your amazing work and career.

Thank you, for the great learning video. I do not want to miss any learning opportunities. Great explanations and demo.

A big thank you Monika Wahi for the course, really valued your inspiring discussions, examples and suggestions. Feel like I’m gaining a new perspective on things from what I learn in this course.

I think, this course is one of the best resources to learn how to design and perform experiments with your product, and how to analyze the experiment results.

If you are curious about A/B testing experiments and want to understand how they really work – this is the ideal place to start.

In case you wonder, why we even need to bother with A/B testing – just know that it can give you useful insights on how to improve the conversion rates of business/marketing metrics of your choice.

Healthcare Analytics in R
Part One: Descriptive
Part Two: Regression

Take data science courses in open source software on LinkedIn Learning.
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You can go on LinkedIn Learning and learn regression in different statistical software packages.
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…As you can see, I am a fan of your courses, they are easy to learn and very instructive, I will continue to train with your courses 😃

Thank you and I’m really excited to use the skills I learned!

It takes little bit of extra time to learn but interesting as well. Thank you very much. I am happy to learn with you.

Many thanks for creating this course! It was extremely informative and so easy to follow.

Many thanks for the clear lessons!

R is something that I recently encountered at a conference I attended, and caught my attention immediately. Having an open source [software] gives our colleagues and professionals the opportunity to research all the options that R has to offer. This [course] opened up the endless possibilities that R is capable of doing.

Thanks for creating courses relevant to biostatistics applications on health care!

You make it so easy to understand the material.

SAS Essential Training for Healthcare Research
Part One: Descriptive Analysis
Part Two: Regression Analysis

This is a course in SAS descriptive analysis you can do with healthcare data.
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This course covers regression analysis in SAS, and shows how to fit linear and logistic regression models.
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A great course on applying SAS Data and PROC steps for descriptive statistics and simple ODS graphs!

Thank you!! Love it…

Keep up the good work in helping us learn more.

I really liked your way of teaching.

Testimonials for Monika Wahi’s data science courses on LinkedIn Learning are posted here. Read what learners are saying to help you decide if you want to take the courses!

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