Answer Your Data Science Questions by Attending my Livestream Discussions on YouTube!

If you have questions about your journey toward a data science career, sometimes you can get them answered with online resources, but sometimes you do not get the information.

Answer your data science questions by using resources online, like blog posts about different online courses you can take, or video tutorials on YouTube. But how do you answer your questions about data-related jobs that are not already addressed with online resources? What if you have questions no one is answering?

I’ve noticed it can be harder to answer questions about data science careers in some industries compared to others. Data science positions are totally different if you are entering academia compared to working at a digital marketing firm, as an example. So it can be difficult to get domain-specific data science career advice from looking around online.

You Can Answer Your Data Science Questions in my LiveStreams

I decided that the best way to interact with my learners is to do livestreams on YouTube. That way, learners or other curious individuals interested in data science careers can just show up in the chat and ask anything they want.

Before each livestream, I will publish a blog post with information about a topic selected for the livestream, and the date and time of the livestream. If you sign up for my blog (see right margin), you will get an e-mail about the blog post, so you can plan to attend.

Also, if you subscribe to my YouTube channel, you can choose to be notified when I go live. That way, you can have me answer your data science career questions in real time by attending my livestreams and putting your questions in the chat.

Past Recordings of Livestreams

In the description to these videos on YouTube, I have added timestamps with topics and also the links mentioned in the videos.

Answer your data science questions by attending my livestreams on YouTube and interacting in chat! Learn more about this in my blog post.

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