Online Courses in Data Science and Public Health

Learn about unique data science subjects, like data close-out, data collection approaches, data curation, and more!

Online courses are available on Monika’s course platform that guide you on topics not found anywhere else on the internet!

Topics of Monika’s Online Courses

Monika’s online courses teach unique skills, including:

  • Research methods – how to design analyses to answer research aims in healthcare, business, or any domain.
  • Data collection, management and storage – how to collect data manually as well as transfer existing datasets while making management and storage plans and considerations.
  • Data curation – how to document datasets and processes, and use these skills in managing a team.
  • Application integration – how to design application pipelines to accomplish business operations.

…and more!

Each course is priced individually. Some of the online courses are foundation courses for our online data science mentoring program. Each completed course provides an online and printable certificate of completion.

Several courses are free of charge, while others range in price from $5 to $500, depending upon their length and topic, and courses are being added regularly. You can also subscribe to have access to all courses on the platform for a subscription price of $50/month.

Check out the online courses available.

Subscribe for $50/month!

Featured Free Course

Understanding Research Forms, Surveys, and Instruments

If you are doing data collection for a research project, you will want to take this free online course. You will learn how to make accurate measurements.

This course teaches the basics of developing research forms for data collection. It covers designing and administering online forms, as well as conducting a manual data collection process.

Featured Paid Course

Application Basics

If you want to learn about analyzing data from applications, you need to learn about application architecture.

This course will teach you the basics of computer applications: Their components, how they are designed, and how they are developed and commercialized. The three main chapters include lectures, resources, and a challenge with a potential solution.

Updated September 11, 2023.

Online courses are a good way to get professional training on your own time. Check out our online courses on topics in data science and public health.

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