If You Want to Increase Conversions, Try my A/B Testing Course on LinkedIn Learning

Learn about data science from doing real world projects online or in a laboratory

In May 2020, LinkedIn Learning released my new A/B testing course, the Data Science of Experimental Design. If you want an experimental scientist to teach you how to do a whole experiment online and actually do the statistics properly so you can gain insight, you want to take this A/B testing course.

Published October 26, 2020. Fixed typo on October 31, 2020. Photograph of Condensation Cube by Hans Haacke, available here. Added FTC verbiage December 5, 2020. Formatting changes added January 13, 2022.

A/B testing seems straightforward, but there are a lot of picky details. What A and B conditions do you actually test? How long do you run the test? How do you calculate the statistics for the test? Answer your questions by taking this LinkedIn Learning course.

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