My New Blog “Deth by Data” will Give a “Behind the Music” Perspective of Data Science

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Thanks to my esteemed colleague Gabriel over at Slick Boston, I’m overjoyed to announce the complete renovation of my web site, as well as the launch of my new blog, “Deth by Data”.

Because I’m all over the internet, the purpose of this blog has to be very focused, and give you – my customer, reader, and hopefully colleague – something unique that you can only get from my blog. If you are wondering where I got this idea, I will tell you – it is from taking this Online Marketing Foundations course on LinkedIn Learning.

Before, I’d just post anything I thought was interesting on my blog. Now, I have a way better idea of how to satisfy you – my reader – with exclusive information you can only get from my blog, and not from other media somewhere else on the internet.

So here is the exclusive stuff I can promise you from my new Deth by Data blog:

  • New Resource Announcements: Each time I publish a new course, book, paper, or some other resource I think you will like and I want you to know about, I’ll post an announcement on here. That way, if you follow my blog (see signup in upper right of menu), you’ll get a notification of these new posts and can see my new resources when they are hot off the press!
  • In-person Event Announcements: Like other royalty, I live in a castle, and while I love this castle, I sometimes venture out into the countryside, doing business trips and speaking at conferences. I’ll announce those planned events so you can meet me wherever I go, and we can have coffee!
  • LiveStream Event Announcements: I have also recently outfitted the castle for livestreaming, and I’m going to try to experiment with this. I have already signed on two indentured servants – I mean moderators. Once I get my act together, I’ll announce here on my blog, so stay tuned!
  • Coaching on Career-Building in Data Science: Regardless of whether you are a kid with data-shaped stars in your eyes, or a worried college student wondering where you fit in the career space, or a seasoned professional – maybe even a subject matter expert in a totally different field who wants to evolve more into data science – this blog is for you! Career coaching is one of the main things I do in my business, and I’ve helped some pretty amazing people (hint: look at my co-authors!). I’ll be referring you to good resources, and giving you the advice to get you where you want to go.
  • Case Studies and Back Stories: I realized that one of the valuable things I can contribute to our community is by giving some “Behind the Music”-style perspectives on the projects I’ve worked on and people I’ve coached. When researchers propose novel data science projects, or new graduates think of their next jobs, they wonder – how does this really go in real life? A lot of people don’t think to tell these stories, but I do, and I will on my blog.

So welcome to my new blog, Deth by Data!

Please feel free to react to anything I put on here! Either post a comment – or just send me an e-mail at [email protected]. You will find that I follow the Ozzy Osbourne model of fandom – I love all my fans and want to talk to and meet personally each and every one of them! (But please – don’t ask me to sing, or I will!)

Last updated August 23, 2019.

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